BTS (방탄소년단) ‘Proof’ Live 20220613

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BTS (방탄소년단) 'Proof' Release
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Proof live Credit
Director: Yong Seok Choi (Lumpens)
1st AD: Jihye Yoon (Lumpens)
2nd AD & Edit: Ran Ro (Lumpens)
Director of Photography : Nam Hyunwoo (MOTHER)
B Camera Operator : Eumko
Focus Puller: Kim Eunki, Lee Youngwoo
2nd AC: Youngseo Park, Eunil Lee
Production Company: OUT OF OFFICE CO
Executive Producer / Producer: Tiffany Suh
Production Supervisor: Sina Pars
Assistant Production Supervisor: Linda Nhem
Assistant Production Supervisor / Travel Coordinator: Emily Diaz
Travel Coordinator: Veronica Zin
1st AD: Jesse Hays
2nd AD: Mallory Chevalier
Location Manager: Laura Dominguez
Location Assistant: Ana Reyes
Site Rep: John Miller
1st AC: Victor Chon
2nd AC: Massy Valenzuela-Castaneda
DIT: Jack Damon
Jib Operator: Justin Umphenour
Jib Tech: Angel Pagourtzis
VTR / Playback: Avery Stone Fish
VTR Assistant: Jeffery Petro
Playback: Kai Morrison
Teleprompter: James May, Jean-Paul Claude
Audio Producer: Albert “Sonny” Dyon
Audio System Engineer: Chuck Smith
Audio FOH Engineer: Bob Alumbaugh
Audio RF Tech: Justin Volpe
Audio Utility: Nicole Wickert
Gaffer: Kyle Bryson
Best Boy Electric: Mark Mann
Electric: Anthony Ortiz, Gerardo “Junior” Lara, Andrew Lopez
Key Grip: Wadsworth Peters
Best Boy Grip: Blake Danchik
Grip: Richard Estrella, Charlie McGlinsky, Bill Boehme, James Brazil
Chorus and Band Stylist: Ann-Marie Hoang
Chorus and Band Stylist Assistant: Kim Nguyen
Hair: Teddi Prior
Hair Assistant: Jude Andam
Makeup: Julie Dinh
Makeup Assistant: Oono Oyunjargal
Production Designer: Olivia McManus
Art Director: Hensel Martinez
Art Coordinator: Sara Barrett
Prop Mater / Shopper: Amanda Hume
Leadman: Logan Blue
Set Dresser: Kyle Kaminsky
Dresser / Driver: Kris Ingram
Gang Boss: Rob Newcombe
Moho Drivers: Stephen Hinze, Kevin Kasner, Rich Seitz, Mike Dawson, James “Bubba” Bottoni
Craft Services: Danny Tilbury, Vic Godales
Set Medic: Corey Swensen
CCM: Matt Moss
CCA: Niko Galvez, Kasee Shambora
Local Artist Security: Samuel Ford, Sully Crew, Raul Estevane, Pete Mulryan
Overnight Security: Henry Ulloa, Issac Lepe
PA: Adam Rosenberg, Joe Vizzini, Jason Vizzini, AJ, EJ Smith, Allen Amehi, Isiah Quince, Chris Fambro, Naushay Turner, Dariana Fly Buchatska, Cathy Kim, Ashley Lee, Bianca Yi, So Yun Um, Iris Jang, Sunny Park, Austin Barrett, Hollis Dohr, Jacqueline Nytes, Anna Tancredi, Sierra Badua, Dani Calderon
DI: Lucid Colour
Colorist: Wonseok Ko
Color Grading: Hwadong Jeon
DI Crew: Jaeyeon Baek, Dain Kim, Serae Hong
DI Producer: Sooyun Hyun
VISUAL CREATIVE: Sunkyoung Lee, Gaeun Kim, Leehyun KIM, Yeonhwa Cha
A&R: Daye Shin, Hankyul Yoo
SOUND LAB: Yang Ga, Wooyeong Jeong, Younsoo Lee, Yujeong Son
MARKETING: Hyejin Lee, Woosun Choi
ARTIST MANAGEMENT: Subin Kim, Jungmin Lee, Juntae Park, Hyeonki Lee, Daeseong Jeong
[Anderson .Paak]
Fullstop Management: Anna Savage
Management/Stylist: Krystal Miles
Make Up Artist: Adrienne Sanchez
Drum Technician: Kyle Rodgers
Grooming: Uriel Buenrostro
Musical Director: Duane Benjamin
BGV Director: Dedrick Bonner
Engineer: Erik Reichers
Assistant: Mel Collins
Keys: Adam Bravo
Bass: Lawrence Shaw
Guitar: Alec Lehrman
Drums: Keynon McBurney
Vocalists: Antwone Barnes, Bryce Charles, Marquell Clayton, Summer Greer
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Cody McManus
Cody McManus 14 gün önce
Is it just me or did BTS vocals get even better?
The Ghibli Girl
The Ghibli Girl Gün önce
Starting with 'Born singer' was the best decision ever : the lyrics speak for themselves and trace back everything they've been through to what they've become now !
Jasmine Lee 🪷🫧
Jasmine Lee 🪷🫧 21 saatler önce
RM and Suga literally just going off about how their long journeys and they’re still here being the same person they are they don’t let fame get to their head they understand the true value of each other including their selves I’m in tears I feel like a proud dad 😭😭♥️ been supporting them for years I’ll keep supporting them 🫶🏼🧸
Cina Chen
Cina Chen Gün önce
444NGEL ୨୧
444NGEL ୨୧ Gün önce
I love how the other singers + the band were clearly enjoying the performance too, especially during for youth ❣️ BTS' passion definitely transcends language
Fi Melin
Fi Melin 19 saatler önce
It's incredible to think of how much they've grown in these past 10 yearss. I mean, their visuals vocals kindness everything! Thank you for everything you guys have done for us 💜
7 Purple Butterflies
7 Purple Butterflies 14 gün önce
These golden moment of BTS will be always remarkable in Army's mind.
Dream Star
Dream Star Gün önce
the performance is outstanding 🥰
lmi  gust
lmi gust Gün önce
I will miss them, their voice are like an angel how beautiful their rap i love you army forever
ytc 106
ytc 106 19 saatler önce
3 Rapper yang Keren
Júlia Gabriela Costa
Júlia Gabriela Costa Gün önce
feliz de está participando mais uma vez dessa data tão especial o nono aniversário do BTS, feliz 9 anos meus amoreeeees
rkive 19 saatler önce
moonlight 14 gün önce
“No other group like BTS, no other fandom like ARMY”
Adrian Vaduva
Adrian Vaduva 19 saatler önce
The lyrics are so amazing on this.
Earl Pelaez
Earl Pelaez Gün önce
I can't stop thinking how great those back up singers are 🔥
Safa Arshad
Safa Arshad Gün önce
Oluchi Gladys
Oluchi Gladys Gün önce
Everything about this is beautiful 😍❤️. They are indeed born singers
There is only a word for this performance: "masterpiece". I am here waiting for their comeback in the future. AFBF
Yri 19 saatler önce
Sus voces son realmente hermosas y con el sentimiento que interpretan las canciones, me hacen soñar, los quiero y admiro demasiado BTS!! 💜
Yelitza Alcantara
Yelitza Alcantara Gün önce
The melody, the lyrics and the feeling that permeate her voice are beautiful. I express my admiration for having the courage to know when to stop and not let fame envelop their real life and dreams. In the end all that will happen and they will only keep what they are. Successes in your new projects and remember that they will always remain bulletproof 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜