[CHOREOGRAPHY] BTS (방탄소년단) '불타오르네 (FIRE)' Dance Practice

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6 yıl önce

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booboo 6 yıl önce
i swear BTS is the real life representation of 'Started from the bottom now we're here"
Elia Simon
Elia Simon
Suga doesnt get enough credit for his dancing, hes slaying
Celia Yıl önce
Jimin is the definition of a versatile dancer... hiphop, contemporary, jazz, ballet. not only he can do it all but he makes everything look effortless and so cool
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Edits by R1.5
Jimin's smile
Jimin's body coordination is so amazing. In
* Nicky7 *
* Nicky7 * 28 gün önce
Just looking at the choreography makes me want to dance
Vidisha Smit
Vidisha Smit Yıl önce
Me in 2021: Lets watch these masterpieces again.
cindy hurtado
cindy hurtado Yıl önce
Jimin no solo es un bailarín magistral. El es puro ARTE
Kusumitha Pujala7
Kusumitha Pujala7
Cristina Pozo
Cristina Pozo 14 gün önce
Bailan hermoso 💜🖤
Tessa Nabby
Tessa Nabby Yıl önce
They never fail to impress me. That was soooo entertaining.. Watching their leg/foot movements in sync was so satisfying lol... (V's facial expressions was a bonus).. I'll forever appreciate the hard work they put into their music & performances. Thanks for always giving your all, guys.. BH too
common sense
common sense
Best BTS dance routine ever in all these years. The precision, power, and force with which they do this is amazing. Unmatched by any other group. I watch Fire MV all the time, it never gets dull.
Matty Yıl önce
I feel sorry for everyone that only knows BTS for Dynamite, because they probably don't know this masterpiece
Aarzoo Rafiq
Aarzoo Rafiq Yıl önce
V and Jimin twinning is everything
Roslyn A.
Roslyn A.
Nunca superare esta dance practice, la coreografia me sigue sorprendiendo como la primera vez que vi este video
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Edits by R1.5
Everyone, don’t forget that BTS is the only artist in Asia that has been nominated for Grammy Awards for the second year in a row, let’s be nominated and win the next time!!
J-Hope. Absolutely every aspect of you was lovable from the moment I saw you. Months went by, which turned into a year, and by that time I became completely immersed into you as a musician. I grew up surrounded by the type of music, rap, and sound that you are so familiar with and that you weave into each of your music pieces. It took me no time at all to realize that who you are as a person is communicated through your rapping style. None of your raps could ever sound the same, and yet you retain the signature characteristics that generate your sound with each one. You have such a playful sound, but also know how to emote in a way that reflects some of your most vulnerable moments. How you manage to capture the classic sound of old school hip hop and rap and combine with a more modernized style is beyond me. Your voice connects the past with the present and even creates a new future because you hold so much together at once. I don’t believe I’d ever come across somebody with such a versatile voice before you. Your singing voice shares some of the qualities of your rap, but there is a softer, more delicate feel to it and it is simply perfection when you do either. I don’t even know where to begin with your dancing. Anybody can see, before they even get to know you, that you are dance. You have lived, breathed and represented dance your whole life. It’s beautiful how this art form gave you so much purpose and helped provide you with the lifestyle you have lived and will continue to live. You are limitless in your body movement, your expression, and your emotion. You are truly free when you dance. The passion you have for your craft is unstoppable and will always burn in you. I feel so fortunate to be born in this time period to get to be a part of it, because your dancing moves me in a way I know I will never be moved again. I am just so grateful for for you pursuing this feeling in your heart and sharing it with your ARMY and a the world for so long now. You have personalized dance and there will be no other that connects to it in the manner in which you do. The music world would not have transformed the way it has without you and your performances globally revolutionizing the art so greatly that your impact with be everlasting. I quickly learned that you really have a sense of humor unlike no other. You are naturally such a goofy, silly person and your jokes range from spontaneity to pranks you play on your members. When the situation is tense, you can always calm and ease it by bringing smiles to the faces of those around you. It really is a gift to be able to find the humor and light-heartedness in some of the grimmest times. You have over eight years of laughter-filled memories with your members and others who you have met during you in your life. After all, people may not remember you specifically, but they remember how you make them feel, and you are completely unforgettable. People can say that of course knowing somebody for this long will cause you to grow close with them, but the relationship that you have with your members is not held by anybody else on the Earth of trillions of people. It’s the day to day interactions that you have with them that might seem so small that give their lives so much meaning and purpose. You still look at them with the same admiration and pride that you did when you were just debuting. You have charmed your way into each of their hearts in your own special way. Only you can motivate them, pick them back up, put them back on their feet, and prevent them from giving up,. You have really believed in the notion of taking this journey together, and without you, BTS would not exist. Not only as a group, but there would never be this inseparable family between the seven of you, or the millions of fans, without your love. You are the heart of all of their lives and I know this by how happy they are and how they see the beauty of each day,. Without you to remind them, they would have never grown into the capable young men that they are today. I want to personally thank your parents and family for raising you and helping you become as wise, optimistic, and selfless as you are today. I hope you always remember that they love you and are the most proud of you than anybody else. Jung Hoseok, you are the lifeline of the ARMY. You always have such a calm and relaxed demeanor when you’re with us. In this way, you already treat us like your family and trust us enough to give us you in your natural state. The frequency in which you are updating us about your day to day emotions is already more than we expect because of your busy schedule. The fact that you always make time for us no matter what reveals your true character and who you are as a person. You value us so much and make us a part of you daily life. Your happiness is all we need to keep going and yet, you work your very hardest to keep us surprised and thrilled. You are more than a blessing and we can’t ever ask for you to do more, but you still insist on giving us more. You are the generosity that this world needs. I want to you to know that we have your whole heart and will always protect it with our entire being. We will always support you, build you up, dry your tears, or even save you if you feel it! I hope in the darkest moments, you let us save yours because we love you with all that we have and then some. You make us laugh, give us confidence, and take our fears away. You are our sunshine. Our happiness. Our whole heart. I know that you have been through so much in your life, both personally and professionally. I want you to know, that ARMY will always want to share your pain with you. If not us, I hope you know that there are people who truly love you who will listen to you and help you when you’re feeling down. I am so proud of you for being so strong and persevering through all of your obstacles. You deserve all of the praise and success you’ve gotten and then some. I don’t want to flatter you too much or overwhelm you, but you truly are a person that has transformed the nature of this generation. I hope you continue to combat your hardships with the same determination moving forward. I hope that this birthday brings to you all of the love and blessings that you deserve. I hope it is all that you dream of and that it is as much fun as you are as a person! Thank you for your endless years of sacrifice, doubts, pain, fear, hard work, effort, and fatigue just to make BTS work. We could never ask for more from you but your own happiness and well-being. I pray that you and your family members stay safe, and find happiness in the future. I hope that you continue to make your dreams come true and that you live your life well. We recognize each of your efforts and actions every day. Thank you for saving so many lives with your music and your kind soul. You are absolutely beautiful inside and out. Please don’t ever feel obligated or pressured to change, because we love and support you unconditionally. Most of all, you are our hope, always and forever. Happy birthday Jung Hoseok, and we adore you so much!
purpleudi ⟭⟬
purpleudi ⟭⟬
Their synchronization is so perfect 💜
27David78 Yıl önce
For new fans:
Mako Mochi
Mako Mochi
This dance practice is one of my faves, the choreo is intense and the boys look great in those casual outfits. They're mesmerizing.
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